The Indian Peforming Right Society Limited

The Indian Performing Right Society Limited.

A lot of people are not aware, or atleast not very clear about the functioning of IPRS. They often ask, What is the business of IPRS? Well, in short, the business of IPRS is to issue Licences to users of music and collect Royalties from them, for and on behalf of its Members i.e. the Authors, the Composers and the Publishers of Music and distribute this Royalty amongst them after deducting its administrative costs.

The IPRS came into existence on 23rd August 1969. The IPRS is a representative body of Owners of Music, viz. The Composers, Lyricists (or Authors) and the Publishers of Music and is also the sole Authorized Body to issue Licences permitting usage of Music within India by any person. Composers are those who are better known as Music Directors, Authors are better known as Lyricists, Publishers of Music are the Producers of Films and Music Companies, or those who hold Publishing Rights of the Musical Works. The Society is a non-profit making Organization and is a Company Limited by Guarantee and Registered under the Companies Act, 1956.

It was also registered under Section 33 of the Copyright Act, 1957 as the Copyright Society to do business of issuing Licenses for usage of Musical works & Accompanying Literary Works.

IPRS conducts its business of granting licenses per Section 30, as the society is an owner of the copyrights as per the assignment deeds executed with its members who are owners and have assigned the same to it.

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